About 95% of adult learners fail in their attempt to learn to speak fluently a foreign language. Avoid the mistake made by others.


If you want to learn to speak Spanish automatically and naturally then develop your Spanish listening skills first just like a native speaker does.

Listening provides the foundation for speaking.
The speaking ability grows out of the listening ability.
Listening leads speaking and pulls it along.
As your listening ability improves, it will pull your speaking ability up, too.

If you focus on listening to Spanish first, you will train your brain to think in Spanish and when you think in Spanish, you no longer translate, you no longer think about grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary. The Spanish language will become a deep part of you, just like your own native language; the hesitation, the strain, the stress, the doubt, the confusion, all gone. Spend most of your study time listening - repetitive listening is the key to great speaking. Your brain needs LOTS of repetitive listening for effortless speech to emerge.

Languages are acquired in prefabricated chunks that we hear repeatedly; chunks are groups of words that can be found together in a language. For example, “I want” is a chunk that you use to create an infinite number of expressions by adding another chunk for example “an ice-cream”. What we do as fluent speakers is essentially put together pieces of prefabricated language. Very little of what we actually say is original content.

Set your audio device on repeat. You must burn the Spanish phrases into your head through repetitive listening and the Spanish language will just pop into your head, the Spanish language will come out of your mouth effortlessly like a native speaker. It’s the sounds in your head that form the sounds that come from your mouth.

I've never heard of a human being who could produce words without first receiving them as input. If you can’t hear it, you can’t say it. Listening then must come before speaking (understanding precedes production). Clearly, in order to have a good quality output (speaking), you must have a lot of good quality input (listening). Lots and lots of listening first. You can always understand more of a language than you can produce. If you hear something enough times, you’ll eventually be able to say it aloud quite effortlessly. You don't have to be "gifted" to learn to speak any language, but you do have to be smart about how you learn it.


For adults there’s a rush to know everything. Our adult analytical mind compels us to want to know all the details, now. Knowing that information will not make you a better speaker. Focus on the meaning and function of a phrase. For example: hasta la vista, adiós, nos vemos, hasta luego, hasta pronto, hasta otra, hasta la próxima, etc - they all mean the same thing. Forget about why it is like that, it doesn’t matter, just accept it and move on. By studying grammar, all you’re doing is impeding your progress toward fluency by focusing on details that you’ll pick up automatically over time.

Usually a native speaker does not know grammar at all, what a native speaker has in terms of speech with proper grammar is a feeling for the correctness of the language, that is, they are competent in recognising what sounds right and what sounds wrong and they have developed this competence through listening. By listening to phrases again and again you're naturally learning how to use a word correctly with other words like a native speaker.


Our 69 audio lessons are 100% Spanish (6 hours). You won’t hear anything else but Spanish in our lessons. You'll immerse yourself in the sounds and patterns of the Spanish language, just as if you were living in a Spanish speaking country. Complete transcripts and English translations as needed are provided in the pdf files for understanding. Reach your goal of fluency in the shortest time possible by only listening to Spanish in our course.
Our question and answer lessons teach you to think in Spanish just like a native Spanish speaker. Our lessons will burn the Spanish language into your brain.
Our focus is on teaching you to speak Spanish clearly, correctly and fluently whether you have zero or advanced knowledge of Spanish.
Our audio course has been carefully designed to deal with the Spanish grammar in an intuitive and natural way so you will be able to effectively and confidently communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings in Spanish.


Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish student, you may be wondering how long it will take to become fluent in the Spanish language. We use ‘fluent’ to mean ‘speaking correctly and without hesitation about everyday matters’. There is a study done by Dr. J. Marvin Brown of AGL (Automatic Language Growth) about this, it says that 720 hours of listening are needed to become fluent from English to Spanish. That is:

If you listen to Spanish for 2 hours everyday, you'll need 52 weeks (12 months) to become fluent.
If you listen to Spanish for 4 hours everyday, you'll need 26 weeks (6 months) to become fluent.
If you listen to Spanish for 8 hours everyday, you'll need 13 weeks (3 months) to become fluent.

Spread you listening time throughout the day. You can become a fluent Spanish speaker in less than a year.


We are very confident in our Listen to Spanish MP3 course. These powerful lessons have helped students from all over the world. We know that you will love these lessons! Read what some of our students have to say about their experience learning Spanish with us. How my course has helped people speak Spanish across the world.

“Have taken a number of Spanish learning courses and they all founder in that you end up being able to read and write (a little), speak (a little) and understand just about nothing. This course is different. You hear spoken Spanish (spoken at a fair lick) and …after a while, you can discern the words and the meanings without even realising that you are doing so. You understand spoken Spanish. It is a pretty painless way to learn. Simply by listening and re-listening you find yourself understanding. The course is well crafted and thought out. I consider it the best Spanish learning course on the market. A five star course.”
Mark D. UK

“I think your course is wonderful. It's exactly what I needed to really bake Spanish into my mind. This course has really helped me to progress from thinking about Spanish to thinking in Spanish.”
Michael L. USA

“Absolutely amazing! A five star course! I’ve learned English with the best English teacher in the world A. J. Hoge and now I’m learning Spanish with you, Jenny. I know I will succeed.”
Daichi F. Japan

“For me, you’re preaching to the choir, Jenny. From Effortless English I know that listening is the key to learn to speak a foreign language fluently. I’m so excited. I’m travelling to South America in six months. What a great course! Keep up the good work!”
Aleska D. Poland

“I bought your course about a month or so ago and have applied myself as you suggested. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results. Things pop into my mind rather than having to agonizingly search my mental dictionary. Staying on one lesson per week has worked for me. That said, I also review all prior lessons several times a week. Thanks for putting together such a great approach to learning. Thoroughly enjoying the course!”
David G. USA

“Merci beaucoup! The best Spanish course I have ever seen. Before joining, my Spanish speaking was terrible, I’ve been studying it for years and years, on and off. I was frustrated. I didn't think I could ever speak Spanish well. Now I feel relaxed when I speak Spanish and I speak it automatically, just like you said I would!”
Marie D. France

“Jenny's audio course has been a huge help for me. After studying Spanish for over a year from books and online courses, my listening ability was almost non-existent. The method she has developed is unique, and is exactly what I needed. It's actually material to PRACTICE. It has a gentle learning curve which adds more advanced grammar, idioms and verbs as you progress. It is also fantastic value for money. Please give this a go! You won't regret it!”
Andrew T. New Zealand

“Thank you so much for this course. I've been listening to it daily for a few weeks now, an average of an hour or so a day. Really enjoying it, and my ability to say things that I want with less thinking increases day by day.”
Dmitri V. Russia

“I am several weeks into the course and am enjoying it very much. Super easy, I’m listening to my mp3 player while cleaning the house, driving the car or doing the yard work. The speaker’s pronunciation seems very clear, and not “muddy”. I really like the concept that I can just relax and listen and be able to speak Spanish soon, easily and naturally. I feel more confident already. Very exciting and glad I found you!”
Steve B. USA

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